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GuardianEye - Rechargeable Wi-Fi CCTV Live Camera

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WIFI Remotely Monitoring-You Can Check The Live Streaming Video From Anywhere In The World Once You Connect The Camera In Remote/IP mode

Designed for flexibility, the GuardianEye can be installed virtually anywhere, from ceilings to trees. Its wireless nature and strategic placement height combine convenience with security, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive monitoring.

With No Light Night Vision, Installation Without Punching Holes, 1080P HD Screen

 The GuardianEye Camera elevates your security with its 1080p high-definition video quality. This feature ensures that every detail is captured with crystal clarity, making it easier to identify persons and activities, day or night, in your monitored space.

Built-in Pickup, Not Only Live Video, But Also Recording

Clear sound quality without noise. In the absence of WiFi, you can also record directly by simply inserting a memory card.
Enhancing its surveillance capabilities, the GuardianEye not only records high-quality video but also captures audio. This dual functionality provides a more complete picture of the environment, allowing for better assessment and response to any security situation.

 Supports 128G Memory, Continuous Recording Up To 20 Days

Palm Multifunction-Lightweight and Multifunctional


👉Camera will need to be connected to power source since it doesn't have a built-in power supply.
Model: X5
Camera angle: 140 degree
TF card: 8GB-128GB (TF card file system FAT32)
Video format: MP4
Real-time resolution: 1920x1080P
Storage resolution: 1280x720P
Playback software: system built-in player or mainstream video player
Mobile operating system: Android/ioS
X5 size: body:34*34*40mm
Voltage: 5V/2A
Power supply mode: power bank power supply, socket power supply
Other auxiliary functions: motion detection, background alarm, loop recording, video playback, timing recording, alarm recording, light-off work

FAQ Section

How often do I need to recharge the camera's batteries?
The rechargeable batteries typically last 2-6 months under normal usage. However, this can vary depending on usage patterns and placement. For example, in high-traffic areas, you may need to recharge more frequently, approximately every 2-3 months.

Can the camera be installed outdoors?
Yes, the camera is designed for versatile placement, including outdoor settings. When installing outdoors, ensure it's mounted at a secure height, ideally around 9-10 feet, to prevent tampering while still being accessible for recharging.

Is the camera weather-resistant?
While the material and durability specifications of the camera are not explicitly stated, most outdoor security cameras are built to withstand general weather conditions. However, it's advisable to check the specific weather resistance ratings for this model.

Does the camera provide live streaming?
Yes, the camera offers live streaming capabilities, allowing you to monitor your premises in real-time through a connected device.

Are there any additional costs for using the camera?
The camera itself doesn't come with recurring costs. However, you might need an internet connection for live streaming and potential cloud storage services, which may involve additional costs depending on your provider.



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